About the Authors

RodneyLogoRodney Fickas

Rodney is our Director of Professional Services responsible for directing our team of SharePoint consultants.  But he doesn’t shy away from architecting and building SharePoint solutions himself with over 8 years of experience around all things SharePoint.  He also has over 25 years of technical experience including .NET development, database design/development and a wide range of web development languages.  Rodney has also been a technical editor on two published works.  He has been personally involved with hundreds of successful consulting engagements over the years and would love to talk with you about your consulting needs.  You can reach him at rfickas@corasworks.net.

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SteveLogoSteve Evangelista

As one of the senior most Architects on the CorasWorks Professional Services team, Steve has been working with SharePoint and CorasWorks since 2005. His extensive knowledge of the SharePoint and CorasWorks platforms, along with a vast experience set that includes work on the CorasWorks Support and Training teams prior to becoming an Architect, encourage him to Blog about a wide range of topics relating to application development on SharePoint.

Steve’s technical interests and areas of expertise include advanced visualizations using the CorasWorks Chart & Gantt Adapters (i.e. AnyChart, AnyMap and AnyGantt), data transform & analysis using XSLT 1.0 & 2.0, designing & building interactive user experiences leveraging client-side script (JS & jQuery) and anything to do with the CorasWorks Application Service (CAPS). He’s also active on the CorasWorks Customer & Learning Centers, and still provides course development & delivery for the CorasWorks Training team. He’s always eager to hear from customers and help ensure their success in any way he can; his email address is Steve@CorasWorks.net

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JoeLogoJoe Lewis

Joe has an extensive background in SharePoint business application development and network securities. As a Professional Services consultant he is responsible for managing, developing and delivering customer solutions. He is also responsible for delivering on-site customer Training and custom solutions created by CorasWorks.  His recent projects include a Lab Inquiry Electronic Notebook, Demand Planning tool, and a New Product Analysis application.

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MichaelLogoMichael Bradley

Michael has been working with computers in some form or fashion since he was 12 years old.  Thanks to a 7th grade teacher in the mid-1980s, he learned BASIC on an Apple II+ that you had to crack the case on and make sure the DOS chip was firmly seated in order to boot up.  He has continued playing with computers ever since and has been consulting and building business solutions for the past 8 years.  A jack-of-all-trades when it comes to software and hardware, he has often learned on-the-fly how to work with a variety of systems over his career of 20+ years.  Somehow over all these years he has also managed to keep that childhood curiosity and joy of getting a computer to “do” something that most people take for granted and, fortunately for us & our customers, he figured out a way to turn that into a career.

When he’s not attached to a computer, he enjoys patio gardening, cooking, playing guitar, reading science fiction or something historical, watching movies, playing billiards, chess, and most board and card games.  His favorite color is green and he finds the Fibonacci sequence intriguing, even before Dan Brown made everyone aware of it.

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Past Contributors

AdamLogoAdam Macaulay

Adam has over 10 years of experience developing Internet Applications that have taken internal, cost ineffective solutions and turned them into profitable internet applications that continue to exist today. His experience and vision has led to the continued rapid growth of the CorasWorks platform since its inception.

Over his years, he has lead development teams with companies such as Cable & Wireless, Exodus, marchFIRST, USWeb/CKS, Kaiser Permanente, American Bankers Association, and Primark. He was an early Internet entrepreneur, creating and selling Vision Internet Services, which focused on the development of Internet applications that replaced fat-client technologies.