CorasWorks v11.3 and SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2

Lately, the CorasWorks Support team has been receiving questions concerning SharePoint 2010’s Service Pack 2.  The Service Pack was released late in July 2013, and users would like to know if the CorasWorks Solutions and v11.3 Platform are compatible with it.

CorasWorks has been testing the SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2 with v11.3.  Our testing hasn’t found any problems requiring changes to the solutions or the Platform components.  We have had similar responses from users who have already installed the Service Pack 2.  Feel free to install SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2 into your CorasWorks-based SharePoint 2010 environments.

Naturally, the SharePoint 2010 environment is multifaceted, one with many possibilities of server, network, security, and other options.  Should you see any unexpected behavior after installing Service Pack 2, report the behavior to the CorasWorks Support team.


CorasWorks Support

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