Integrating SharePoint data into Office Apps via CorasWorks API

Yes, it’s that simple! Whether it’s a Task Pane app in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Project; or a Mail app in Outlook, you can easily leverage CAPS, the CorasWorks API, to integrate SharePoint data into your Office Apps.

Organizations with Office 2013 have limited options when it comes to published Office Store apps that integrate SharePoint data into Office Apps; a quick search of the store for just “SharePoint” and filtered by each Office client shows few choices, most of which are simple Site or Document Library explorers. Instead, wouldn’t it be great if you could be in say Excel and pull down a collection of SharePoint list items, filtered & aggregated across multiple sites, site collections or web apps – with CorasWorks, you can. Building these Apps is quick & easy; anyone with web developer skills (HTML + JS + CSS) can do it.

As Microsoft says:

Task pane apps enable users to see the app for Office side-by-side with an Office document… and supply contextual information and functionality to enhance the document viewing and authoring experience.1

What greater source of “contextual information and functionality” do most Microsoft shops have than SharePoint?

As long as the Office clients are amongst the applications end users leverage most often, integrating business data into that experience – and remember, that integration can be two way – will have great potential. The Office Apps provide for a seamless user experience & without requiring they open a separate browser to copy/paste between; and now with CorasWorks, the functionality of those Apps can be taken to the next level!

1: Overview of apps for Office 2013

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