Quick Tip – Hide the browse & toggle options on a CorasWorks Calendar

Here’s a quick tip – if you want to hide the browse and toggle options on the CorasWorks Calendar…


…all you need is one line of CSS added to your target page:


The benefit to doing so is to ensure a smooth user experience when you’re say filtering the Calendar. For example, imagine I’ve applied a dynamic filter to only display items within the Current Week and also set the default display view to “Work Week” – if the user has the ability to toggle the display mode to say “Month” or “Timeline” and then also browse back or forward through time, they’re going to get an empty view (again, by virtue of the filter).

Hiding the browse & toggle options simply ensures they stay within the time frame and display mode that Calendar is targeted to; after all, the Calendar itself and the Design Canvas make it quick & easy to create similar Calendar views with different filter ranges and display modes.

Adding the CSS rule can even be done directly through the webpart as well; just open the web part properties (the native SP “Edit web part” option, not the CorasWorks Display Wizard) and add the CSS within a <style> tag to the “HTML Before” or “HTML After” properties and you’re set. Now the web part can even be placed into the Web Part Gallery with this customization set for use throughout your Site Collection.

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