SharePoint 2010 Browser Compatibility

Microsoft has made efforts to improve multiple browser support and developed SharePoint 2010 more standards friendly.  As such, the expected multi-browser functionality and support has reached levels not seen in previous versions of SharePoint.  Microsoft has classified browser functionality and support for various browsers into three categories, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 browsers.  The Level 1 compatible browsers support SharePoint 2010 fully and all functionality is available for use.  The Level 2 compatible browsers on the other hand provide the majority of the functionality with some exceptions.  As far as what these exceptions are, a detailed list of functionality can be found in the following linked TechNet articles: Plan browser support (SharePoint Foundation 2010) and Plan browser support (SharePoint Server 2010).  Finally, Level 3 browsers are the browsers not tested by the Microsoft product team.

In any case, below is the list of Level 1 and Level 2 browsers.  Hopefully the will come in handy when deciding what browser versions to support in your organization.

Level 1 Browsers (Supported)

Internet Explorer 7.x or higher (32bit on Windows platforms)

Firefox 3.x or higher (32bit on Windows platforms)

Level 2 Browsers (Supported with known limitations)

Internet Explorer 7.x or higher (64-bit on Windows platforms)

Firefox 3.x or higher (non-Windows platforms)

Safari 4.x or higher (non-Windows platforms)

As always, CorasWorks has made significant efforts and allocated large amounts of resources to ensure that our solutions provide the same level of browser support Microsoft provides for SharePoint.  Should you have any questions regarding browser compatibility, please post your questions in our Community Forums site or contact Support at

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