SharePoint 2013 Feature Matrix

Posted by Rodney Fickas, Director of Professional Services at CorasWorks

Recently I was made aware of a blog post by Dave Coleman over at SharePointEduTech that lists out all the features in SharePoint 2013.  If you’ve been around SharePoint from early on, you know that with each major release comes more layering of features.  Dave’s blog takes all of the SharePoint 2013 features and makes you aware of what SKU you can expect to find that feature.  Kudos to Dave for what I can only imagine was an inordinate amount of time to put this together.

He reminded me of just how rich the feature set is in SharePoint.  It also had me considering our own SharePoint readiness within my Professional Services team here at CorasWorks.  It’s tempting as a software vendor to shrink your world down to the size of your own product.

It’s even more tempting as part of a professional services team at a software vendor to limit your services to just your own product and ignore the many other important things that surround it.  But our customer’s value trusted advisors especially around SharePoint because of the rich feature set.  They desire to work with consultants who want to bring the best of breed to bear on their unique requirements.

This may mean that some of the rich feature set native to SharePoint might provide the best option for meeting that requirement.  If not, then maybe something in the CorasWorks Platform does or some custom development that we can offer.  It might be that a completely separate product to complement all of the above is appropriate.

Customer’s trust and value SharePoint consultants that have a breadth and depth of knowledge.  SharePoint 2013 comes packed with features.  I can see Dave’s feature matrix helping us prepare for that conversation with a customer who wants to know which are the most relevant to their needs.

Perhaps you will find it helpful as well.

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