Sort the LinkedIn People You May Know page by Shared Connections

UPDATE: Now available as a Chrome Extension via the Chrome Web Store:
Get the Sort ‘People You May Know’ Chrome Extension

If you’ve ever scrolled through the LinkedIn ‘People You May Know’ page, you may have noticed that the suggested connections are not sorted by the number of Shared Connections you have, despite frequent requests to do so.

As a quick tip, I knocked together a tiny snippet of JS (and some jQuery,¬†which LinkedIn is already loading natively on the page) that will resort the cards in descending order according to the number of shared connections. To run it, simply open your browser console, copy/paste the script and hit ‘Enter’.

var PYMK = [];
$('.pymk-card').each(function() {
 var Markup = $(this)[0].outerHTML;
 var InCommon = parseInt($(this).find('.bt-incommon > .glyph-text').text()) || 0;
 var Person = {InCommon:InCommon, Markup:Markup};
PYMK.sort(function(a, b){
 return b.InCommon - a.InCommon;
var NewPeopleCardsList = '';
 NewPeopleCardsList += item.Markup;

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