Three Approaches to Building SharePoint Solutions

When it comes to building solutions with SharePoint, there are three approaches.


No Code

SharePoint comes with a rich set of features and functionality that can help deliver your solution requirements.  For a feature matrix, you can refer to this SharePoint 2013 Feature Matrix blog posting.

But what if the business requirements can’t be delivered purely with out of the box capability?

Custom Code

With SharePoint Solutions, there is a general impression that the more complex the requirements are the more likely you are going to need custom code.  Depending on your organization, you may need to tap internal developers who will crack open Visual Studio and start plugging away on your requirements.  If you don’t have the luxury of having SharePoint developers you will need to employ outside consultants.

One thing to note around custom SharePoint code.  A .NET developer does not necessarily equal a SharePoint developer.  Knowing the SharePoint object model is required in addition to understanding .NET.  When doing custom code, if you treat SharePoint like all other web site development, you are likely to encounter pain later when upgrading or modifying it later.

With the specialized skills required for custom coded solutions, it requires a huge investment in developer resources, training and ongoing maintenance.  It’s quite possible that it makes it cost prohibitive to pursue solutions where complex requirements are in view.  But is there another option?

Low Code
The CorasWorks Approach

Traditional web developers are much more accessible than those with specialized SharePoint development skills.  They are also more affordable.  Most organizations have web developers with more common skills like HTML and XML along with JavaScript and jQuery.  You could train these resources to understand the SharePoint Client Side Object Model for instance but there are other options.

The “No Code” option implies being locked into certain functionality and capability.  The “Custom Code” comes with specialized resourcing requirements.  The “Low Code” option offers flexibility to meet solution requirements while leveraging more readily available resources.

CorasWorks provides a low code option through our Platform and Application Service (known as CAPS).  Our Platform and CAPS make it possible to build complex solutions with the flexibility you would expect from a custom solution but with a much smaller code footprint.  For a look at CAPS capability, please read this recent blog article outlining those capabilities.

With CorasWorks, your traditional web developer can build a feature rich, complex solution with less code and using the skills they already possess.  Our off the shelf solutions have taken this approach and it’s available for you to build your own solutions.  Have you taken some projects off the SharePoint solution roadmap because their requirements would have forced you down a custom development approach?  Well grab some pizzas, one of your traditional web developers, a copy of CAPS and reinstate those projects.  You’ll be surprised at what you can build with this low code approach.

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