Toolbar (or Browser Add-In) trick for SharePoint and CorasWorks

Regardless of which version of SharePoint you’re using, there’s any number of menu options, Galleries, settings pages, etc that you need to access on a daily basis. Depending on where you are in a Site and what you want to do, the menu option you need might be two or three clicks away – with a page load/refresh between each.

There was a time when CorasWorks provided an Internet Explorer add-in called the “CorasWorks Toolbar” that made access to all these pages quick & easy, along with a great number of useful CorasWorks options. However, as browsers are ever changing and the memory required to run each add-in affects the overall browser experience, we’ve deprecated the Toolbar in favor of a much simpler & more customizable approach – bookmarks!


As you can see from the various options listed, access to all the common pages within SharePoint are exposed through the menu options listed. The “menus” are really just folders of Bookmarks that, once imported into your browser, appear within the browser’s Bookmark Toolbar. Some of the most click-intensive options like trying to Import a Web Part (clicking Edit Page, then Add a web part, then Import button, all with a refresh between each) are now single-click options.

To get all these options, simply download this ZIP file CorasWorks Bookmarks, unzip it and either Import the bookmarks within your browser or, for Internet Explorer on Windows, copy them to the Favorites Folder within your User folder. In a fast-paced work environment, like the rapid AppDev cycle us CorasWorks Consultants are used to, every saved click and page refresh is the best gift of all – the gift of time!

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