Triggering a SharePoint List View’s AJAX refresh with jQuery

With the release of SP2010, we were given snazzy new List View web parts that included a whole set of AJAX options:


And it wasn’t long after starting to use these that you may have decided you wanted to be able to trigger an AJAX refresh (Asynchronous update) through your own client-side script. This is great if you have other interactive elements on the screen that will result in the underlying data changing and you want to display them to the user without requiring a full page reload. Enter jQuery!

The easiest way to achieve this is to first enable the “Show Manual Refresh Button” – don’t worry, can easily hide the resulting button from your end users with this CSS snippet:

#ManualRefresh {display:none}

Then, whenever you want to trigger an AJAX refresh of the List View, just fire off this one line of jQ:


And the existing button (perhaps hidden by the above CSS) on the page will take it from there :)

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