Using IE10 With SharePoint? You Need This Patch!

If you’re running Internet Explorer 10, you may have noticed that your SharePoint environment isn’t responding in the way that you have come to expect.  It turns out, the issue isn’t with your browser!  Instead, the problem is with the server.

In short, because ASP.NET was created before Internet Explorer 10 was expected.  ASP.NET has a file that tracks browser versions in order to know how to respond when the web pages are loaded.  Unfortunately, this file (browser definition file) runs out with Internet Explorer 9.  As a result, your environment doesn’t know how to handle Internet Explorer 10 since it doesn’t recognize it as a modern browser type.

When Internet Explorer 10 hits a SharePoint environment, SharePoint treats the browser as if it is Internet Explorer 6.  This prevents many of the scripts used by SharePoint and CorasWorks from operating correctly.  This is a frustrating condition but one that can be solved.

Microsoft has issued hot fixes for the web servers.  The hot fix that needs to be installed differs depending upon the version of .NET installed on your servers:

The hot fixes perform two specific steps: they update the browser version files for Internet Explorer and Firefox (ie.browser and firefox.browser, respectively) to account for the newer browser versions.  That’s all they do!

CorasWorks is recommending the installation of this update within all of our customer’s environments.  We’re dependent upon SharePoint and it responding correctly to your browser.  As these hot fixes are so specific (updating the browser files), installing them is straightforward and worth the results.

Microsoft has identified ASP.NET to be the source of this problem:

To learn more, be sure to check out Scott Hanselman’s blog article on this issue:


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