Video Embed code (YouTube, Screencast, etc) in SharePoint list items

Ever try to put some embed code into a Multiples lines of text field in SharePoint? If so, chances are you didn’t get the expected result (unless your goal was to display raw HTML & not the embedded video). Your first reaction might be to think, no problem, there’s three different ways to configure a Multiple lines of text field – one has to work, right? Unfortunately not :/

The three options are “Plain Text”, “Rich Text” and “Enhanced Rich Text” – when you try to paste in say the embed code for a YouTube video, your results will be…

  • Plain Text: The raw HTML is saved but it’s also displayed in the Item Forms & List Views, instead of seeing the embedded video.
  • Rich Text: The embed HTML cannot even be saved; if you paste it into the field, when the item saves, it will be stripped out.
  • Embedded Rich Text: This one seems to have the most promise because you can access the “HTML Source” box for the field; not only that, if you post the embed code into the HTML Source, you’ll see the embedded video while still in the List Item form – yay! Save it though, and the embed code is again removed.

You’ll see these results reflected in the screenshots to follow; of the native options, only the field configured as “Plain Text” will even retain the embed code that was pasted in.

So what’s a user to do? Ask IT for a custom coded solution just to display some embedded videos? Hack together something with Content Editor web parts (great for a single video, but what if you need to manage a CMS and video library…)? Buy a solution to stream videos from the SharePoint server (you really want to tax your SharePoint WFEs with video streaming, not to mention YouTube’s player & compression algorithm is world class and likely to perform better…)?

How about a 4th option that makes it as easy as it should be – copy/paste the embed code into a field in the list item & have it just work. Enter the CorasWorks Workplace RTF field!


Our Workplace RTF field not only allows you to paste video embed HTML into it but, when you do, the embed content is displayed & maintained throughout the Item View & Edit forms (of course, it also works in the CorasWorks Actions).



And while the native List Views aren’t capable of rendering the embedded HTML…


…fortunately, our smart Grid is:


All told, creating a solution for tracking, managing and displaying your videos from any number of premier video streaming services is now quick & easy with CorasWorks!

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